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Alberni Autumn Adventure, Saturday 15th October

Now that the GoldRiver200 is done and dusted, I have turned my attention to the October event in the woods behind Port Alberni and adopted many of the suggestions from GoldRiver200 feedback.

You will see the Alberni event is somewhat more involved than the GoldRiver200…. I continue to want to grow this motorcycle motorsport of gravel road, TimeSpeedDistance roadbook rally with as low a barrier to participation as possible. Have the event suitable for relative backcountry navigation novices (Gaia navigation), roadbook rally novices (emphasis on navigation by roadbook with no Time/Speed/Distance pressure) and, Rally enthusiasts wanting as close to a “competition rally” experience as possible within the legal frameworks of BC and Canada.

Having said that as the overall aims, this is the general area of the event, between Sproat lake, the Alberni Inlet and Hucuktlis lake.

Outline of the event

  • 3 stages, each of 40km.  

  • Course roughly triangular in shape.

  • Three simultaneous starts (shotgun start in golf sense) of three classes of participation.  

  • Should be doable on one tank of fuel.

  • Three classes, disperse to relevant start point after sign-on and registration, await the start time.

  • Solo Roadbook = start 1. Timed TSD rally

  • Team or Solo roadbook experience = start 2. Not timed. For roadbook navigation practice.

  • Team or Solo Gaia riders = start 3.   Not timed.

  • As event organiser, I cannot see the sense in trying to make a competitive event out of the team roadbook class (follow someone else) or the Gaia class (follow the arrow on the map). If you disagree please contact me to explain how things could be.

  • Field regroups at the end of each of the stages before restarting.

  • Heroes, Villains and Gai-ist….  Keep the three classes separate.

  • Everyone rides the same course (comprises three stages, each stage contains multiple sections). Each class rides together.

  • Solo roadbook, 3 minute interval starts.

  • Team or solo roadbook experience, Gaia-ists start in their preferred manner. As these two groups are neither timed nor competing I don’t want to impose any starter’s orders other than the time that each stage “opens”.

  • “Shotgun” start. Each stage opens at the same time

  • Virtual GPS app timing with multiple time controls in each stage, multi speed changes.  Timing by Richta Rally app - needs the participant to carry a smartphone running the app.

  • Start and end of each stage not the start and finish of timing - time control positions not published. Multiple average speed sections in each stage.

  • HINT: You can work out the target time for each section by knowing the section distance and the set target time…..

Proposed timetable for the day:

8am assemble, disperse to the three starts. Say 9am.  Finish by 3pm, retire to a Port Alberni pub for refreshments and results.

3 road crews needed, serve both as the start crew and the end crew for each stage - think a big triangle.

All roads un gated.   Big bike doable but steep and loose in places.  No harder than the GR200 level of difficulty.

If you don’t live locally, Motel Friday and Saturday night.  Go home Sunday, work on Monday.

Scenery is very similar to the GR200 Fri night route scenery.  Roads are much narrower 

Pre-entry by photographing the driving documents and emailing a signed disclaimer.

Only road-legal bikes and riders

One entry-class = “open”. No separate men/women/other to add to complexity

I’ve already contacted the relevant 1st Nations - no response so far…

The three road crews stay on-station and restart each of the groups at the appointed time.

Dominic does the data handling. Time deltas entered into his spreadsheet to calculate the time penalties and hence results.

Each competitor doesn’t know their elapsed time progress until the final results, except by their own calculations

Routes sent out on the Monday before the Saturday event - prepublication window shortening….

This event is not:

A race

A speed event

A enduro, trial or rallyraid

A casual day out on your bike in the woods

A suitable event for absolute novices

A guided ride

Suitable for bikes and riders that are not licenced, registered and insured.

It is:

A time speed distance navigation event


An introduction to Gaia navigation


An introduction to Roadbook navigation


A competitive TSD rally

You choose which class you are in

You will need a tablet or smartphone to run Gaia, the timing app for the TSD class and one way of displaying the Roadbook

Three classes, three stages, triangular course, shotgun start, each stage approximately 40km long, TSD class starts at 3 minute intervals, other two classes you decide if you are riding solo or with mates.

Every class rides the whole route with their peers. Stages start at 90 minute intervals with a starter.

0800 assembly, 0830 dispersal to the three starts, 0930 starts on each three stages, 1100 second starts, 1230 third starts. 1400 return to assembly area then retire to a Port Alberni curry house for calculation of the results and dinner of your purchase.

These timings based on 10 participants in the TSD class. Entry fee $150 (comparable to a triathlon entry). Timing fee per participant is $5 borne by the event organiser.

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