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Fire precautions - important announcement

Important notice. GoldRiver300 campers. As of Thurs 8th June, the BC Ministry of Forests are effecting a Province-wide outdoor fire ban. Cat 1,2 & 3 fires are not allowed. This will include camp fires in firepits, fireworks, candle lanterns and balloons.

Camp stoves ARE allowed (lpg, methylated spirits, paraffin)(that's propane/butane, methyl alcohol and kerosine in North American English...).

Motorcycles MUST HAVE exhaust spark arrestors. It’s either a metal gauze over the exhaust tailpipe opening or an un-modified factory exhaust. A spark arrestor can be improvised using the metal gauze of a stainless steel tea strainer, just a few $$ from your favourite supermarket.

No smoking in the forest please! I can’t enforce this, so this is a polite request. If you must (I can't say that for fear of being misunderstood) smoke a ciggie (that also probably has a different NA meaning), do it at one of the designated rest stops!

For the time being, it appears the Newcastle Creek fire won't interfere with the running of the event. This situation will be continually monitored up until event weekend.

Jonathan Binnington 7 June 2023

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Wet farts are allowed as they are intrinsically non-combustible (but socially embarrassing). Dry, eggy, beefy, hot curry farts are definitely not allowed as the potential for spontaneous human combustion is never far away!

Me gusta

Joanne Parkes
Joanne Parkes
07 jun 2023

Thanks for the update. Gosh don’t even fart in the woods right now!!! The summer is off to a firey start😫 hopefully we all pay more attention to our actions🙏

Me gusta
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