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Kove Canada to sponsor the GoldRiver 400 and the Sayward September Showcase

I am chuffed to bits (British English vernacular for “stoked”) to be able to announce that Kove Canada

will be the sponsors for the GoldRiver 400 (Les Chemis Sauvages) Dualsport and Adventure navigation trial AND the Sayward September Showcase trial.

Mason Klein rode a Kove 450 Rally EX in this year’s Dakar rally and there will be road-legal Kove 450’s entered in the June and September events (ridden by Kove Canada riders, Mason is going to be busy elsewhere…!).

The navigation trial discipline is sufficiently different to Rallyraid that the playing field is levelled, allowing amateur grassroots riders to compete on a level footing with pro riders. I am going to be fascinated to see how local riders perform compared to the Kove-supported riders…

I am very much looking forwards to this year and hope you will be able to join us.

Event entries can be found at:

Jonathan Binnington

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