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Next bit! Richta proving route for Thurs evening

Someone asked me if there is going to be a Richta proving route so riders can verify their Richta Competitor apps are working…

Way back in the winter I asked Mr. Richta (yes he’s a real person) if I could have a fifth route title anticipating flood/fire/pestilence/invasion or whatnot.

It is in the big list under GoldRiver Day Spare. Unused.

On Thursday afternoon I will set a simple route for riders to verify their Richta Competitor is working.

On Thursday I will set a simple verification route. One Richta Control Point (RCP) opposite the polis station, one on the GoldRiver bridge and one halfway down the gravel road leading back to the campsite.

Password will be DR650S. Sign up to GR Day Spare in the usual way and go fill up with petrol.

I’ll set say, 5:00 between the RCPs and you can check your apps are working.

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