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Sayward April Madness navigation trial - 234km, 6.3km of climbing! 26-28 April

Sayward April Madness navigation trial - 234km, 6.3km of climbing! 26-28 April

If you can read this, the winter weather has been sufficiently mild to allow an “early season” VIME event. Centred on Sayward Junction, north of Campbell River, the event will be run over the last weekend in April (2024). Arrive and sign on Friday evening 26 April, ride on Saturday 27 April, go home Sunday 28 April.

The route is suitable for dualsport and adventure bikes, bikes and riders MUST be road legal. As usual, the event will be run to the GoldRiver rules. Two classes, touring Gaia and competition Richta + Roadbook. The route difficulty is moderate (I can do it on my DR650 - not suitable for novices but also not hardenduro, MX or trials difficulty). There will be bypasses for the tricky bits that will not detract from the Grand Day Out nature of the trip.

The event will be an excellent introduction to the genre of Backcountry Navigation Trials, a fusion of Roadbook navigation and timing from rallyraid, legal target speeds from Regularity (time/speed/distance) road rally and good old fashioned long days out in the mountains, valleys and forests dualsport-style.

There is a range of accommodation options in Sayward Junction, motel-campsite-free campsite, a petrol station, pub/restaurant and a grocery shop. You sort your own accommodation out - you might even sleep in the car in the free campsite if you are totally impecunious!

Arrive Friday evening for sign-on, ride on Saturday, go home Sunday.

Any questions?

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