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Dualsport and Adventure bike rally navigation 101.

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This on-line training course contains the same information as provided by the in-person VIME rally navigation training. The intention is to take rally-curious new riders through the essential steps and knowledge required to successfully complete their first Vancouver Island gravel rally. The events staged by Vancouver Island Motosports Events are tailored to comply with British Columbia Motor Vehicle laws, backcountry access laws and permissions and the exclusions and limitations to use set out by the Provincial provider of motor vehicle insurance (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC). The events are also tailored to make best use of the terrain and rights-of-way available. The events use roadbook navigation, written to the FIM/FIA standard. They are timed using a GPS app-based system (Richta Rally Timing) that is contained within a smartphone carried by each participant. The routes are almost exclusively, gravel Forest Resource Roads (FSRs) aka backcountry dirt roads (BDRs) that travel through the remoter, publicly accessible areas of Vancouver Island. To comply with legal requirements, all participants and bikes must be fully road legal (licensed, insured and registered) at the time of each event. Off-road only registered and insured vehicles are NOT eligible for participation as they do not meet the requirements of the BC Motor Vehicle Acts for continuous on-road operation.

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