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Alberni Autumn Adventure - Saturday + Sunday 14/15 October 2024. Wilderness navigation trial +/-TSD

"One route to test them all, and in the jungle, Find Them!"

Following on from this year's GoldRiver300 and the Alberni event last autumn to test Richta gps timing, the 2023 Alberni Autumn Adventure is underway!

The event will run over both Saturday and Sunday, do either one day or the other or both.

The event is intended for dual sport, adventure and trail (not trials) bikes with tyres suitable for steep, loose gravel roads. Bikes must be road legal and registered, riders must be licenced and insured.

Saturday's route will be over the Crown land gravel roads on the northern side of the Alberni Inlet, Sunday's route will be over the Crown roads on the southern side of the inlet. Both days will be of around 160km. No fuel on the routes, so make sure you have sufficient range...

The routes can be tackled in one of three ways.

Explore with Gaia

Navigate with Roadbook

Challenge with Roadbook and Richta TSD

These roads are remote and without cell phone service, InReach/ZOLEO is recommended. You will need to ride with due regard to your safety and the safety of everyone else.

This is not a race, a speed trial or a rallyraid.

It is a Wilderness navigation trial with added TSD tests (if you wish).

For tech details, please see previous blog posts.

The preferred smartphone for Richta is Apple iPhone. The iOS operating system is much more robust with third-party apps than Android (we have found). There will be no verification route for Richta, so iPhones please. If you haven't got one, I will have some for rent.

The Saturday start will be mid-morning to give lower mainlanders an opportunity to catch one of the early morning ferries, Sunday's start will be earlier to make the return journey easier.

I am currently enquiring with Port Alberni motels to see if I can find appropriate accommodation. Saturday night in a curry house (perhaps) and Sunday afternoon in a diner for something to eat, presentations and disperse home.

Expect everything from wide gravel highways to the greenest, most overgrown, "one year from its last passage" old logging roads. We don't get to choose our roads, we have to use what is legal and available to use.

Entries can be found at

The event will be run to the GoldRiver rules, Gaia, Rally Roadbook Reader and Richta. Separate starts, solo and pairs. I do not expect dust to be an issue...

I hope to see you in October.


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