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Announcements for 2023. Alberni Autumn Weekender, Nitnat Night Rally and GoldRiver300 associates.

I have a few announcements for 2023 that I would like to make in this quiet week between Christmas and New Year, the hiatus between the polar freezing of late December and who knows what wet weather to blow in from the northwest Pacific.

First, two new events to announce.

The event for next autumn, the Alberni Autumn Weekender, Saturday and/or Sunday 14th and 15th October 2023.

Do one day or the other or both. It's the weekend after Canada Thanksgiving Weekend - me being an ex-pat Brit, I didn't appreciate how families like to come together for that weekend so, we will have our weekender one week later... more below....

And, in the spirit of the heritage of amateur rallying, I would like to try a night rally out...

The Nitnat All - Nighter... as per the other Vancouver Island rallies, nothing extreme or superhardcore, just a night in the woods on the FSRs, in the dark, on bikes, with the bears and the elk and the cougars and the mosquitoes! Saturday night 29th July/Sunday morning 30th July. The moon will be nearly full so bring your best werewolf impressions.

GoldRiver300 associate businesses. Good people I think you might want to be made aware of who do stuff I am proud to have associated with the GoldRiver300.

The Alberni Autumn Weekender.

Saturday and/or Sunday 14th and 15th October 2023.

The header picture here will give you a clue.... This coming October I will be producing an event that returns to the vicinity of Port Alberni, over the hump from Nanaimo and Parksville.

Two daylight routes, to the west side of the Alberni Inlet on Saturday and the east side of the inlet on Sunday .

Saturday will use some of the roads we used this November and some as yet unused by us roads. The route is likely to be tighter, trickier and more technical than the Sunday route, but not to the trickiness degree of a hard enduro or motocross. Those of you who did the Autumn Alberni Invitational will have an understanding of how those roads are.

Well within the capabilities of a competent dualsport rider on a competent dualsport bike - but no snow in October!

Sunday's route will be to the east of the inlet, beginning down the Bamfield road before branching off following FSRs into the jungle. Fewer route decisions this way so expect a different feel compared to Saturday's route... nuff said?

As usual routes by Gaia and for those who do the roadbook routes, timing by Richta.

The Nitnat All - Nighter.

Amateur, club-level rallies used to be night affairs to make use of quiet dead-of-night tarmac roads. When rallying went pro, the night stages continued as the hardcore manifestation of "proper rallying".

You have probably seen the YouTube videos of minor motorcycling gods spaffing their way in the dark across miles of featureless desert, their way illuminated by half a million watts of helmet mounted lights and their passage by clouds of red back-lit settling sand....

Well, it won't be anything like that! We get a night of not-getting-lost in the jungles around the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island.

Roadbook and Gaia for those that must.

Timing by Richta.

Satellite tracking by SpotWalla if anyone wants it.

Entries for both events are open now on the Shop tab of this website's home page

Alberni Autumn Weekender,

GoldRiver300 associated businesses.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce three small businesses that I am pleased to have associated with the GoldRiver300.

Uptown Cappuccino Cafe, Gold River.

390 Muchalat Drive, Gold River. 250-283-0372

Breakfasts all day, fresh baked muffins and scones, ice cream and milkshakes.

Adjacent to the GoldRiver300 event control.

No better place for breakfast.

Huckleberry Handmade Bikes.

My good friend Tyler Walker is the genius bicycle frame builder in Nanaimo who builds Nike frames to fit his customer's physical size. If you are a cycling enthusiast and you want a very special, made to fit you bike, get in touch with Ty...

his website can be found at

And finally, I have recently been in conversation with the good (motorcycling) people at

The Scarlet Ibis pub/restaurant/inn

Vancouver Island's most remote pub - unless you are in the north island on an adventure...

The owners are a group of like-minded individuals living on Vancouver Island. We love the outdoors and came across an opportunity to apply our vast knowledges to a business that deserved to stay alive to serve the Holberg community. While out on a motorcycle adventure, 4 of the new owners stumbled upon the Scarlet Ibis Restaurant and Pub. They ... took ownership of the restaurant and pub in the latter part of 2020.

The Scarlet Ibis Pub and Restaurant, 32 Hardy Way, Holberg, BC V0N 1Z0  

A busy year to come. I hope to see you and your bike.


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