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Cunning Wheeze #15…. Bluetooth controller for Rally Roadbook Reader

If you run your Roadbook as a pdf on a smartphone app, you will have faced the dilemma of how to control the display while wearing gloves.... cut a hole in a finger or stop and take the glove off?

My social media feed pops up Bluetooth controllers for smartphones, all claiming some Unique Selling Feature and asking a triple digit price... more than enough to put me off!

I bought this little widget off A*aZ*n for ten dolleros. Cheap enough for me to bin it if it didn't work.

Length of scrap aluminium bent up for the mount and Bluetooth connected to the Roadbook phone.

Bugher Me! It works!! And it is usable on the move, too.

If you are in the bizz of doing this motosport for as little money as possible while having helpful kit, I would suggest this!

My buying choice was based on low price, a design that looked like it could be fitted onto the handlebars for one thumb operation and waterproof.

Price has gone up since I bought it...

It has been pointed out that this product looks very similar indeed to the Chubby Buttons product that has been advertised on Facebook and I expect elsewhere. The one I bought is now on Amazon for $26, the Chubby Bottoms one for $180... for effectively the same product....?

My guess is that all these Bluetooth controllers have the same Chinese insides to them, you the punter choose how much markup you are willing to pay.

I don't need to spend $$$ to reinforce the illusion of my mediocre riding, how about you?

And for the record, I bought the controller out of my own hard-earned.... no product placement or freebie promotion here. WYSIWYG!

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