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GoldRiver300 - Day1

The 2023 GR3 began yesterday with 25 riders taking the start. First off were the riders navigating by Gaia (a gps mapping app), followed by riders who weren't taking part in the regularity rally but navigating by Roadbook, then pairs riders then after a respectable interval the regularity test riders navigating by Roadbook and having their progress recorded by Richta gps rally timing.

The route (ridden by all) opened with a testing climb up Saunders Main, before settling into a less demanding ride up to Sayward Junction for food and fuel at the lunch stop.

The Newcastle Creek wildfire dictated a reroute along the Adam River Main, an appropriate reroute given one of the underlying themes of this year's event is "the old road north", before rejoining the original route crossing the Highway 19 and taking Gerald Creek Main back to White River Main and home.

The results after day one have Colin Beck leading from Jamie Emery and Patrick Subarsky in third. Ten riders returned a full set of control point scores.

Today is Saturday, Watch and Smile!

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