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GoldRiver300 - Day3 and Final Results

Day3 of the GoldRiver300 proved to be a dramatic finale to the weekend's events.

Two riders fell heavily on the Star Lake/Kunlin Lake loop, which brought the proceedings for the day to a premature but justifiable early conclusion. The two riders will make a full recovery after an appropriate time of convalescence.

Colin Beck had led the results for Days 1&2 with Jamie Emery in second place. The lead was Colin's to lose, right up until the point where Jamie Emery fell off his bike and smashed his timing smartphone - he recorded no scores for Day3.... this boosted Patrick Subarski and Reuben Brouwer into second and third places respectively.

Congratulations all three riders - novices in this form of motorsport and all riding large capacity adventure-type bikes.

The full results table:

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