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GoldRiver300 event partner, new event control location, Richta Rally apps, route descriptions.

Uptown Cappuccino cafe.

I would like to begin this blog post by announcing with pleasure we have a new event partner, Uptown Cappuccino Cafe, 390 Muchalat Drive Gold River.

Sharon Charette, proprietor of the cafe is pleased to welcome us to her premises, the Uptown Cappuccino Cafe will be pleased to take advance orders for breakfasts, lunch and tea across the event weekend. If you wish to pre-order weekend meals, please contact her directly and with ad much notice as possible...

Her telephone number is 250-283-0372. Say you are with the motorbike event and Jonathan sent you!

Our new event control will be in the parking lot in the centre of town, midway between the motels, petrol station and pub.

Richta Rally app. The 2023 GoldRiver300 will have two classes, the Roadbook navigation class and the Roadbook+Ricta rally class.

Background. We, as a motorcycle rallyraid community are faced with two challenges when producing or participating in rallyraid events, one being speed limits and the other being road crews for time controls.

A recurring challenge for event organisers is finding ways to run Time Controls in stages with few or fewer event crew. Without Time Controls, participants are free to ride with colleagues and use their own personal judgement about how they conduct themselves "away from observation"...

Event participants wishing to test themselves in the discipline of TimeSpeedDistance regularity rallying both follow Roadbook navigation instructions and observe set average speeds over sections within a stage while riding solo. Route stages comprising a day's riding may well exceed 200km and of course finding road crews to staff Time Controls over such distances is an organiser's nightmare.

Enter Richta Rally apps.

Mr Richard Bireta ( is a rally enthusiast from California who has developed a GPS system that runs on a tablet or smartphone that has a GPS receiver. When synchronised to the event data, the app is able to monitor and record the progress of the smartphone-tablet around the course for download once the route is completed for calculation of the participants scores.

Details can be found here:

Further explanation here:

And yet further detail here:

Significantly, GPS rally timing shifts the timekeeping onus from the event organiser to the event participants. The event organiser has the obligation to set the course, prepare and publish the Roadbook and prepare the Richta time control data but once all that is set and the participants begin their ride, timekeeping is their responsibility. If your device runs out of juice, isn't turned on or is lost along the way you will score No Time. Of course if you have two suitable devices you could run them both...

For the purposes of the GoldRiver300, there will be a one hour separation in start times between the Roadbook-only (R-o) class and the Roadbook+Richta (R+R) class, with the R+R riders starting at 5 minute intervals.

The R-o class riders can ride in groups on a "tour", the R+R riders ride solo.

Same entry fee! Each class has its own attributes (to respond to some of the feedback from last year), additionally the overhead costs of setting up the Richta data is marginal.

I haven't yet asked entrants which their preferred class will be - read your way through the above hyperlinks and decide your level of tech-involvement...


Building on the experience of this year's GoldRiver200, the GoldRiver300 in 2023 will feature three full days of gravel road safaris, suitable for dualsport and adventure sport motorcycling.

I haven't yet measured out the full distance of the routes for the three days of Friday 23 June, Saturday and Sunday 25 June but the total will easily exceed 300km, hence the name.

The routes will take on some roads we are all familiar with, some I scouted out this summer but didn't use and some I will have to scout out over the months between now and next midsummer.

There are fuel stops conveniently placed around the northeast corner of Vancouver Island which I will be incorporating into the routes to allay anyone's concerns about fuel range.

The Roadbooks will be published 7 days before the event as PDFs for you to prepare in your preferred format.

As previously, the routes are all going to be on recognised public roads so all riders and machines must be fully road legal - registered, licenced and insured. ICBC or the equivalent foreign authority.

and on the Shop page of this website

Any questions?


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