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GoldRiver300 - Photo consent, Order of Service and dates for next year.

GoldRiver300 - Fri 23 to Sun 25 June 2023.

Order of service

Photo consent

Dates for next year

Photo consent.   There will be an event photographer at the GoldRiver300.   

If you DO NOT want your photo to appear in any publications, please inform your wishes at sign-on.   If you do not express any objection, your photo publication consent will be assumed to have been given.

Order of service.

Thurs 22 June 2023

1200 onwards.  Campsite open. Group site 16.  Fire ban still in effect!

4pm-8pm.  PACIFIC TIDES MALL CARPARK.  Registration and sign-on open.    Verification route open.  Seeded riders start order decided by lottery.

8pm.   Riders briefing.   Gaia riders given the Friday reroute.

Fri 23 June 2023

0800.  PACIFIC TIDES MALL.  Event crew briefing and after breakfast, depart for their places on the course.

0900.  Registration desk opens.  Verification route opens.

1000.  Gaia riders start (Geoff, David, Glen), followed by Colin M (roadbook only) followed by pairs.

1100.   Roadbook + Richta starts at 3 minute intervals for the seeded riders (Jamie, Reuben, Peter, Robin, Darrel, Scott, Patrick).

1130.  Everyone else in self-seeded order.   Solos.  Mike and James, start will be held open for your late arrival.

Road crew 1 (Owen) at lunch stop Passage Control by 1200 having completed prior recce

Road crew 2 (Richard) at Passage Control 2 by 1300.

1500 onwards riders begin to arrive at RIDGE PUB finish.

1800 or earlier. Last finisher expected at the pub.   Results of day 1 announced and draw for start order taken for Day 2 (top 8 solo riders).  Everyone else self-seeds for Sat start (Gaia first, roadbook-only, pairs, seeds, other solos).  Briefing for Day 2 (route alterations).

Saturday 24 June 2023

0800 PACIFIC TIDES MALL. Crew briefing and breakfast.

Before 0900.  Road crew 1 departs

0900.  Gaia riders start.  Roadbook only riders next, then pairs.

1000.  Roadbook + Richta, seeds then everyone else at 3 min intervals.

1100 onwards. Riders arrive at Passage Control food/fuel stop

1230 onwards.  First riders arrive at Passage Control 2.

1500 onwards.  First riders arrive at finish.

1800. RIDGE PUB, last finisher expected at pub.

1900   In the pub, results day 2 announced.  Draw for start order taken (top 8 riders).

Sunday 25 June 2023

0800 PACIFIC TIDES MALL CARPARK.  Crew briefing and breakfast

0900.  Gaia riders start, followed by Roadbook-only riders and pairs.   Road crew departs to Passage Control.

1000.  Richta + roadbook starts at 3 minute intervals.  Seeds first.

1200 onwards. RIDGE PUB. Finishers arrive.

1400  everyone expected to have arrived, calculation of overall time penalty solo winner.   Announcements, presentations, congratulations.

1500 or before.  Event close.

Next year…..

You are probably aware that there are two other cross-country bike events happening on the same weekend as the GoldRiver300… the Touratech event in Washington State and the Boreal Royale on the Saskatchewan/Alberta border.   I would like to thank you for choosing my event over these other two similar events.

I expect these events to choose the same weekend next year for their events, the first weekend after summer solstice.  Business sense would suggest it would be wise to avoid a diary clash.

The choices:

  1. Father’s Day weekend 2024.  Friday 14 June to Sunday 16 June 2024.  3 days, school term time.

  2. Summer Solstice weekend 2024. Friday 21 June to Sunday 23 June 2024.  3 days - expected to clash with Touratech and Boreal Royale

  3. Canada Day weekend 2024.  Thursday 27 June to Monday 1 July (Canada Day).    4 full days.

If we go earlier, schools are in which can be a problem for people with kids and also from the past two year’s experience the winter products can be a problem.  Later in July we are into fire season it seems.    Option 2 seems to be self-defeating, 3 (or 4?) days over Father’s Day weekend or 4 days over Canada Day weekend?

Please let me know your preference…


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