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GoldRiver400 event schedule

Entries are still open

It is now three weeks to go before the start of the GoldRiver400 (Les Chemins Sauvages) backcountry navigation trials.   Four days of backcountry motorcycle travel between Gold River, Woss, Sayward Junction and the mountains beyond.

This IS NOT A RACE!   It is a test of navigation.  Speed limits of 40-60Kph will be applied and monitored.   All riders will be advised to expect oncoming heavy traffic at every corner.

I would like to lay out for you the schedule for the event and the parts in it that you will hopefully play.   It is my intention that this event will be an opportunity for each of you to take advantage of in the furtherance of each of your own agendas.

But first I would like to express my thanks to the traditional peoples of Vancouver Island.

I, Jonathan Binnington, as proprietor of Vancouver Island Motosports Events formally and respectfully acknowledge the fact that the lands through which my events pass, the oceans, mountains, rivers and lakes form part of the traditional unceded territories of Canadian First Nations.   I am grateful for our opportunity to travel these roads.

The First Nations are the Mowachaht/Muchalaht Nations in the place now called Gold River, the Uchucklesaht, Hupacasath and Tseshaht First Nations in the place now called Port Alberni and the K’omoks, WeWaiKai and WeiWaiKum First Nations in the place now called Sayward.

Together, these First Nations form part of the Coast Salish First Nations of the Pacific Northwest surrounding Puget Sound and the Salish Sea.     Thank you.

Event Schedule:

People begin to arrive Thursday 27 June 2024.   Camping at the Municipal campsite.  Showers and toilet block at the Ucona Sportsfield.

Event sign-on, driving documents examined and motorcycle scrutineering from 5pm.

Routes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Canada Day Monday.

Prize giving Monday evening in the Ridge Pub.  Event close.

- Friday route.  Gold River to Sayward Junction, then a multi loop route through SJ (passage control) before returning to GR.

- Saturday route.   Gold River to Woss, then xxxxxxx, Woss and GR.

- Sunday route. GR to SJ, loops through the mountains, passage control at SJ then return to GR.

  • Monday route.   GR to Woss, loop through xxxxx, Passage Control Woss then return GR.

I understand Uptown Cappuccino cafe will open at 0700 each day.   

The first start of the day will be at 0800.

The start will be outside the Uptown Cappuccino cafe.

There are fuel and refreshment establishments at Woss and Sayward Junction, where the Passage Controls are located.

Riders will start singly or in pairs at two minute intervals.   They will be restarted from the Passage Control points at the same interval once they have fuelled and rested as they require.

Each route has a minimum of 6 hours riding time.

In order to cap the length of each day, the Passage Controls will close at an announced time and riders will be directed to return to Gold River.  Typically this time will be 1600hrs (4pm).   The transit time from both Woss and Sayward Junction is about one hour.   

Each days route is expected to be closed by 1800hrs.

Each day’s routes finish at the Ridge Pub for Passage Control, rest and refreshments.

There will be a Start/Finish officer in GR counting everyone out and back in.   

There are wifi facilities at the Woss and SJ Passage Controls for telecommunications.  Each day’s start list will be shared by mobile phone comms.

There will be an event official at each Passage Control and other event staff out on motorcycles and pickup vehicles.

The recommended transfer (liaison) routes between Gold River, Woss and Sayward Junction are


  • GR to SJ.  West road, W700 over the Gold River/White river watershed, White River Rd to SJ

  • GR to Woss.  Gold River Rd, Nimpkish Main, Back Rd, Woss.


  • GR to SJ.  Highway 28 and Highway 19.

  • GR to Woss.  Either Hwy28 & 19 or GoldRiver Rd, Nimpkish Main, Back Rd.

I am looking forwards to an enjoyable, testing, sunny long weekend of motorcycling, and above all I have every reason to expect a safe weekend.

Jonathan Binnington, Proprietor Vancouver Island Motosports Events.

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