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How to read a Roadbook…

A Roadbook is a long sequence of left/right/straight-on “waypoint” instructions…. with the distance between each waypoint, the total accumulated distance and the compass heading after the waypoint turn.

In the example below…

The Roadbook is divided into three boxes, a left hand distance and waypoint number box, a central “what does the junction look like?” box and a right hand compass heading and special instruction box.

1: The big black number in the Distance Box is the total accumulated distance.

2: The small number in the bottom right of the Distance box is the waypoint number

3: The number in the bottom left of the Distance box is the distance from the previous waypoint.

Hint: reset your trip meter after each waypoint AND use your odometer to measure the overall distance you have travelled…

The centre box, what the junction looks like. Tarmac roads = open lines, gravel roads = black filled in lines, single-track = narrow black filled in lines.

The right hand box has compass headings and further special instructions.

Any Questions?

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