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Rally glossary - GoldRiver rules

Rally Glossary

Wpt Waypoint - a specific road/trail/track position on the route with a corresponding line of information in the route Roadbook

Roadbook - the complete description of a route (stage), comprising many waypoint lines.

Stage - the route described by a Roadbook, consists of many “legs”

Leg - the route between two waypoints

CP - Control Point. A position on the route where an aspect of participant management will occur eg Start, Finish, time control (may be gps and “virtual”)

PC - Passage Control. A census point to count and monitor participants progress

RCP - Richta Control Point. A virtual gps control point in Richta Rally Timing

Richta Rally Timing - an app-driven gps timing system for timing rallies

Rally Roadbook Reader - an app for displaying a pdf version of a Roadbook, includes an internet clock (doesn’t need setting), a gps compass, a speedometer and an odometer.

CAP - compass heading (from the French translation)

Gaia - a smartphone mapping app, takes position data from the phone’s gps app

Rally/Raid/Regularity/TimeSpeedDistance - all synonyms for this kind of motorsport

FSR - Forest Service Road. When on Crown land in BC forms part of the public road system. Usual motoring laws apply

Industrial Road - a FSR on private land. Not a public road, access granted at the pleasure of the landowner

Time Neutralised Zone - an untimed leg, usually with a fuel/food/rest stop within in it. Timing automatically restarts when participants leave the Time Neutralised Zone

Target Time. The set ideal time to complete a route section between two time CPs

Time Penalties. Score points for the time difference between a route section Target Time and the actual time. Each second over or under the Target Time equals one time penalty point.

Time Penalty Maximum. The maximum time difference set between the Target Time and the achieved time. Depending on the length and difficulty of a section, the Maximum might be as little as 5 minutes (5 x 60 = 300 pts) or as much as 30 minutes (30 x 60 = 1800 pts) or more.

Event winner - participant with the lowest number of time penalties AND the most RCPs triggered.

Event second place. First loser.

Event third place. Second loser.

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