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Richta solutions to problems that have not yet happened….

Updated: May 19, 2023

Mr. Rich Bireta, developer of Richta Rally Timing has just published a presentation for the SCCA of Richta Best Practices.

I am pleased to say that all of the relevant ones already figure in the preparation and presentation of VIME rallies and that I have a further best practice to add.

Pre-event verification route.

Each of the GoldRiver300 routes are long and even if you are not vying for one of the trophies, you are still very likely to be interested in how your time penalty score compares to everyone else's.... You will be mighty off-chuffed if your Richta Competitor failed to register your progress.

So, I will set a pre-event verification route for event participants to demonstrate the correct functionality of their tech with Richta Competitor, Rally Roadbook Reader and odometer calibration.

The Richta Control points will be dropped over the weekend of 19-21 May and the Richta route will be open from Monday 22 May. If you are going to Gold River before the event to test this out can you please let me know so that I can confirm your progress please?

REMEMBER! You need a separate smartphone to run each of the gps apps as they each need sole access to the gps chip. If you are running Rally Roadbook Reader, Richta Competitor and a backup Richta Competitor you need three smartphones each with a charger power supply...

Here is the GoldRiver300 Richta verification loop:

It is 7.5 km long.

It starts outside the UptownCappuchino cafe and heads south to Nimpkish Drive before turning left and left onto Muchalat Dr and heading up to the petrol station.

There it turns left onto Gold River Rd heading up to the bridge over the Gold River.

After crossing the bridge, this loop turns south and follows the Gold River Rd south towards the campsite.

The route finishes 200m before Mill Rd.

The Richta Control Points (CPs) will be at

  1. The start, outside UptownCappuchino Cafe

  2. The crossroads junction past the petrol station as you turn left

  3. On the Gold River bridge

  4. At the finish, 200m before Mill Rd

This route must be ridden in this order to trigger the CPs in the correct sequence. Just for completeness I will set a 40kph average speed for the whole of this.

The verification route in Richta is in the Competitor App, the fourth Gold River "event" - called "verification" (unimaginatively).

Contact me before you do it and I will give you the password and your event number.

The Verification route will be operational from Monday 22 May.

Leg 1 = 0.67km. Ave sp 40kph. Target time 1:00

Leg 2 = 2.7km. Ave sp 40kph. Target time 4:03

Leg 3 = 4.13km. Ave sp 40kph. Target time 6:11

With rounding of microseconds, total target time = 11:15

Use this route as an odometer calibration route also....!

NOTE: This is an instrument verification route, it does not figure in the overall results!

The timings of Participants will be visible in Richta Scoreboard.

The password to access this route is jbinn0 (jbinnZERO).

For completeness, there is also a roadbook that goes with this.

Test your Roadbook reader at the same time...

Backup Richta Competitor running on a second smartphone.

Sometimes smartphones have hissy fits. They get too much sun and overheat, the rain gets to them, the battery dies, blah, blah, blah.

You may feel you want to run a second smartphone as backup.

This is OK!

When you register your backup smartphone, give yourself a participant number 100 plus your event number. Same name and other details as your primary participant entry - just your backup number is 100 + your participant number.

Check the function of your backup device at the same time.

As you ride this and the event routes, always be mindful that:

  • This is not a race - keep to the average speed limits.

  • There is no grand prize worth being injured for - we are all weekend warriors with families, jobs and lives to go home to, mortgages to continue paying, children to continue to care for.

  • We are able to use these roads because local residents allow us to. Be courteous, be kind, be respectful.

  • Stay out of the Mowchalat/Muchalaht First Nation. They have a right to peace and privacy!

  • You are riding on your ICBC licence and insurance. Health service and casualty evacuation is by your BC health provision. THERE IS NO EVENT SPECIAL EVACUATION PROVISION. Do not crash!

  • Have fun, enjoy the weekend, make new friends and meet old ones. Help each other out!

  • On the road, all usual road rules apply. Give way to anything bigger than you...

  • Vehicle operation while intoxicated is strictly not allowed! Either on the campground or on public ground. The ultimate sanction, other than the application of legal process by the RCMP, will be exclusion from the event. The Gold River RCMP detachment are aware of this event and our presence. Behave! Ride safe, ride sober!

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