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Standard Operating Procedure for dealing with FSR traffic

GoldRiver 400. Standard Operating Procedure for dealing with Forest Service Road traffic.

1/ This advice/instruction is written in anticipation of the GoldRiver 400 backcountry navigation trial with the intention of establishing a standard method for event motorcyclist to interact with traffic encounters on Forest Service Roads.

2/ The roads over which the event is run may appear to be deserted and deactivated. This is not so! These roads are local thoroughfares for residents, freight highways for the logging industry and recreational routes for the likes of us!

3/ Without exception, every other road user poses a potentially lethal risk to motorcyclists! THIS MEANS YOU! You are a vulnerable road user.

4/ The set average speeds for the regularity class of the event will always be equal to or less than the posted speed limits. The Gaia class does not have a means of monitor in your speed. Regardless, you will be an idiot if you do not ride as if your worst nightmare is around the next corner…

5/ Keep to the speed limits. Keep to your side of the road. Allow sufficient space to your left to allow a loaded logging truck (lorry) to pass to your left with clearance. DO NOT CUT CORNERS!

6/ Look for dust clouds that may give you advance warning of the approach of heavy vehicles. Expect ATVs and SUVs to be driven recklessly and too fast to stop in the distance they can see ahead!

7/ If you encounter an oncoming logging truck, slow and stop at the extreme right hand edge of the road and allow the truck to have the road. Look at the driver and follow their instructions, you may be required to move from your stopping position.

8/ If you come up behind a logging vehicle, do not try to pass it at speed! You will probably take the driver unawares, you won’t be able to see forwards and the road surface will be unsuitable for a high speed pass. Follow at a distance with your headlight on. Only pass if the driver slows to allow you past.

9/ If you lose significant time, report the situation to the event scoring team and your score will be adjusted.

10/ If you encounter lighter traffic, slow and give way.

Do not try to claim “Right of Way” from a hospital bed or mortuary.

11/ If you encounter someone else’s accident, stop and help. You can claim any lost time back from the event scorers.

There are no prizes of value at stake, nothing worth risking death for! Be safe!!

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