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The results and routes, GoldRiver200 2022

Of course, the results first: Jesse Flach on a 250 KTM with a Samsung mini tablet displaying the roadbooks as PDFs won, after David Beggs was awarded a ten minute late penalty for failing to stop at one of the intermediate time controls.

Gordon Berg had his late arrival score neutralised on Friday night after stopping to help a rider who had slithered to a halt on talcum powdered limestone marbles. He became beached on a rock on Saturday morning as was unable to capitalise on his 4th position.

Everyone who went out returned under their own power.

I’ll add in here the PDFs and hyperlinks to the routes

Friday night dry route:

Friday night wet route

Saturday morning

Saturday afternoon

And by Gaia

Fri night dry route:

Fri night wet route

Saturday morning

Saturday afternoon

These routes are now done and dusted (literally!). If you ride them you will find errors, the industrial roads continue to be reworked but the underlying routes remain. Ride them and enjoy the scenery.

See you in October for the Alberni Autumn Adventure! Saturday 15 October

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