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Tree Farm Licence 44. BC Govt administration of forests surrounding the Alberni Inlet.

This post is a repeat of a post in the VIME Facebook page as a public record. It cites a BC document that describes the administration of the forests surrounding the Alberni Inlet.

These are the forests through which the Alberni Autumn and Nitnat Night rallies are staged, using only the gravel Forest Service Roads (FSRs, BDRs, Industrial Roads).

These forests are administered under the BC Govt Tree Farm Licence 44:

Access and routes are over open, public roads (Franklin River Road, Bamfield Main, Carmarnah and Central Mains) and other roads that are not managed by Mosaic and are not gated.

The gravel roads are of the same motoring law status as every other public road in BC in that drivers/riders need to sober and drug-free, licenced, registered and insured and they operate their motorcycles in a responsible manner.

My intention is to demonstrate that our developing motorcycle rally community is a responsible and respectful group of people and activity.

I can be contacted through this medium.

Jonathan Binnington

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