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VIME Event Guiding Principles - Developing a Shared Understanding

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Vancouver Island Motosports Events (VIME)

Exploration.  Navigation.  Challenge.

  • Exploration with Gaia

  • Navigation with roadbook

  • Challenge with TSD

VIME Event Guiding Principles - Developing a Shared Understanding


  • Race events.  Competitions between two or more individuals, starting at the same time and place, where the winner is decided by who reaches the end of the course first.

  • Speed events.  Competitions between two or more individuals, each covering the same course but the competitors complete the course alone.  The winner is the individual who completes the course in the shortest time.

  • RallyRaid events.  Race or speed events taking place over cross country courses.

  • Tarmac/Road rally events.  Speed type events taking place over tarmac road courses

  • Time Speed Distance events.  Also known as "Regularity". A form of motorsport where the challenge is to accurately navigate the course by Roadbook and conform to the average speeds set by the event organiser. The “winner” is the rider/driver who most closely conforms to the set speeds. The key to conforming to the set speeds is accurate navigation. There is no element of riding/driving fast.

  • Pace notes.  Driving/riding instructions, prepared by the driver or event organiser with the intention of informing the driver of course directions while driving at a maximal speed.

  • Roadbook.  Sight reading.  Roadbooks are a series of left/right/straight on direction instructions.  Typically they require the rider/driver to “sight read” the road conditions.

  • Backcountry telecommunications.  Self-explanatory, usually hampered or non-existent due to lack of infrastructure and unhelpful topography.  Tree canopy cover can prevent satellite communications.

Vancouver Island Motosports Events (VIME) places the safety and wellbeing of all participants, spectators and the general public above all other considerations.  

Event participants are likewise expected to also put safety and wellbeing as their first objective.

VIME events are run respecting all relevant road traffic legislation. 

Event participants are also required to conform to road traffic legislation.

Reckless riding cannot be tolerated. 

Event participants who demonstrate reckless behaviour will be disqualified from the event and requested to leave. 

Participants asked to leave the event for unacceptable behaviour will not receive a refund of their entry fee.

Vancouver Island Motosports Events ARE NOT Race, Speed or Rallyraid events.

They ARE Wilderness Navigation trials:

“Exploration”: by Gaia GPS maps,

“Navigation”: by roadbook instructions


“Challenge”: navigating by roadbook to the rules of Time/Speed/Distance regularity rally with progress monitored by Richta GPS rally timing.

Eligibility for event entry.

Event entrants MUST hold a valid, full-entitlement motorcycle licence.  The ICBC licence is Class 6.  Foreign nationals are required to hold the equivalent licence in their home State or Province.

Event entrants MUST hold motor insurance appropriate to extended on-road motoring in BC.  Off-highway vehicle insurance covering highway crossing IS NOT adequate.

Event entrants MUST ride road legal motorcycles that are registered and displaying a current licence plate.

Event entrants MUST at all times wear a type-approved motorcycle helmet as a minimum of safety equipment.  Gloves, boots, safety eye-wear, appropriate jacket and trousers are highly recommended.


Riders are strongly urged to carry a Iridium satellite network SOS emergency device (InReach, Zoleo and others). 

If an event participant does not have a SOS device, they may wish to ride with someone who does.  

Each event will have a SpotWalla event created for participants to have their position recorded.

The routes.

Unless specifically stated in event descriptions, VIME is unable to support alternative routes for riders wanting harder or easier routes than the headline route.

The “highways” over which VIME events are run are Highways within the meaning of the BC laws that regulate road traffic.   The events may use tarmac roads to access gravel roads, but the greater majority of each route will be run over the public "right of way" gravel roads of Vancouver Island.  These roads will range in “passability” from wide, flat, smooth gravel roads to the steepest, roughest, remotest, washed-out, mostly overgrown wilderness roads that are still just passable.

Event routes have to be confined to “public rights of way”.

The set average speeds over sections of each route may be arbitrary speeds, set to test  rider’s ability to keep to the required speeds.

The set speeds WILL NOT be a test of riding at high speeds.

Riders are expected to be competent (but not expert) in backcountry navigation and wilderness road motorcycling.

“Exploration” riders will follow the route by Gaia mapping app.

“Navigation” riders will follow the same route by roadbook directions.

“Challenge” riders will follow the same route by roadbook and have their progress monitored against set average speeds by Richta GPS rally timing.

The Motorcycles.

VIME events are intended for the riders of Dualsport, Adventure and Trail motorcycles who wish to use their machines in the environments they were intended for.

As such, it is expected that appropriate tyres will be used for the expected conditions, dry navvyjack, crushed blast-rock and tarmac.  There will be no deep mud, clay or sand.  Also snow and ice is not expected to figure in events.

The Events.

VIME events can be summarised as “Wilderness marathon navigation trials” meet “Time/Speed/Distance Rally”.

The focus of the events will always remain precision of navigation and accuracy of keeping to arbitrarily set average speeds.

The intended event participants are competent, but not expert, dualsport, adventure and trail bike riders wanting to participate in a low-commitment, low-expense, entry level motorsport.


Oncoming traffic must be expected at all times.  “Highway” roads that appear single-track will be open, public, live roads.  Expect your worst nightmare to be around the next bend and ride appropriately.

Routes will be sent out with sufficient advance notice for riders to read the Final Instructions, read and understand the event rules and study their route directions.

Do not venture onto private lands, do not force your way past closed gates.

Ride Safe!   Ride Sober!

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