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VIME training day and GoldRiver300 development

Caption. GoldRiver300 - day 3. Turnround cairn. Memorise this picture. Ride past the cairn, turn round, ride back.

Training day report and learning points.

Nine rally enthusiasts gathered in Parksville last Sunday to take the first step in their participation of bike rallysport.

The day was divided into a classroom session in the morning followed by an afternoon rally-in-miniature with all the whistles and bells added for authenticity.

The subject areas covered were:

  • Legal aspects of backcountry road access and how the legislation shapes road-legal motorsport.

  • What Time/Speed/Distance rally is and how it works. How grassroots rally to GoldRiver rules differs from high level bike rally and car TSD rally.

  • The smartphone tech that enables this variety of rallysport

  • Briefly, how the apps work in practice and how they are used on VIME events.

  • The instrumentation used (time and distance), how to calibrate distance measurements and sources of instrumentation error and how to minimise them.

  • How to load up the event data onto smartphones.

  • Ride the test event!

Everyone made it around the course.

Those that took wrong turnings quickly realised their mistakes and put them right.

Everyone arrived at the finish with beaming smiles and excited words.

One smartphone died as a result of overheating in direct sunlight.

One smartphone was not turned on.

One android phone did not detect any CPs.

Words of Sage wisdom from Gord:

"The one main thing for the phone apps:

They need to set their Privacy Settings correctly:

Apple Iphone:

Apple Settings>>>

Privacy and Security>>>

Location Services>>>

Scroll down to select the Ritcha Competitor App>>>

Set Ritcha Competitor to use Location Services "ALWAYS"

and not "Only when using".

This is why I think those other riders did not "turn on their app"...

it was in fact on, but when the screen goes dark, technically they are no longer using the app, and the app stops using the location services Richta needs.


Richta GPS rallytiming transfers the responsibility for recording times of competitors from the event organiser to the participants. The event organiser sets the course out and verifies the CPs can be detected. The participants then have to ensure their phones are turned on, tuned in and up for action.

It would be unfair to send riders out on a 200km rally route unsure if their tech was going to work. Therefore a short (less than 10km) Richta verification route will be set around GoldRiver with four or five CPs so that riders can ride this route on Thursday evening or Friday morning to satisfy themselves that their Richta Competitor app is detecting the CPs and that their Competitor app is able to download their scores to the RallyMaster app.

Event control will open from Thursday midday(ish) at the Gold River municipal campsite and the Pacific Tides mall carpark from Friday morning, adjacent to the Uptown Cappuccino cafe - a very good place for breakfast.

The event routes proper will get underway after lunchtime on Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, eyes on the prizes.....

GoldRiver rules bike rallysport: Affordable, Accessible grassroots motorsport - in your own Province!

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