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A day of two halves, the first half and …

So, had another go at getting round the Alberni Autumn Invitational today, as you do...

Gaia track - as we are not being secret about this....

If you look at the Gaia track you will see a middle section at walking pace. Now look at the photo gallery

The road conditions went from autumn to winter, sea level up to 700m. We persisted and prevailed, D606's at their limit in eight inches of snow - need MX tyres perhaps?

I have a number of contingency plans for next Saturday, depending on how conditions are on the day.

Regardless of the conditions there will be a ride on Saturday. To demonstrate how well Richta as a timing system works, to familiarise participants with using it, to have a day out in the hills and to justify a beer and a burger in Bucksnorts Bar and Grill afterwards.

If you haven't already logged your smartphone in to the even, now would be a good time, I think next Saturday may be the last opportunity to get out and about this year...

Saw no bears today, either!


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