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Announcing the Alberni Autumn Invitational Sat 19 November 2022. An introduction……

I would like to invite you to enter the Alberni Autumn Invitational - a low-key event with the purpose of introducing new rally riders to roadbook navigation and new competitors to Richta rally timing. A "dress rehearsal" event to test your systems and knowledge before committing to a full-sale event.

Date: Saturday 19th November 2022.

Start 1100hrs, entries close 1200noon

Venue: Stirling Arm Rd, Port Alberni, Vancouver Island and the contiguous jungle....

Entry fee: $25 on the Shop page of this website.

Ferries from Vancouver:

Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo Departure Bay 0615, arr 0755. 50km by road to Port Alberni, arriving 0900.

Tsawassen to Duke Point 0745, arr 0945. 65km by road from Duke Point to Port Alberni arriving 1015.

The rout will be approximately 80km of largely decommissioned but passable FSR, steep and loose in occasional places and if it is a wet day, probably slippery.

The event will start at 1100hrs, timed to coordinate with ferries from Horseshoe Bay and Tsawassen.

Suitable for dualsport and adventure bikes.

This is not a race! Ride at your own pace, alone or in groups.

If you are running Richta to measure your progress, each leg will have an average speed in order to generate timing data.

There are no prizes.... Use Richta to practice using the tech! Use the roadbook to practice your navigation.

The Roadbook and corresponding Gaia route will be published for you to cross reference the two navigation methods.

I will also run Richta gps timing over this route. I will specify (sensible) average speeds over each of the route legs in the roadbook and use those average speeds and the distance between waypoints to calculate target times for each leg to put into Richta (that's how that works) but there won't be any starting arrangements, no start order.

Control points start to close from 1200noon - if you haven't made the start by then you are too late. The Control Points will close sequentially at distance/speed corresponding times after 1200. The last Control Point will close at 1600hrs, everyone will be counted out and back in. There will be just one road onto and off the course so a headcount will be straightforward. If you're not back by dark the SAR will come looking (we know the route).

The purpose of this event is to give you the opportunity to test out your navigation skills and your tech equipment.

It won't be a test of your riding skills.

After the event we will retire to a hospitality establishment for post-mortems and refreshments (at your cost) before everyone disperses for their journeys home.

This blog post will be shared to the VIME Facebook page - follow the discussion there.

Any questions or observations my email address is

I hope to see you soon!


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