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GoldRiver 400 - Les Chemins Sauvage.

Last weekend we were doing the Sayward event, this weekend we have moved onto the GoldRiver event.

On Friday, the two properly employed jollyboys wagged the day and we set out to set the GPS gates for one of the GoldRiver 400 routes.

This was the third day’s route that has an untimed liaison from Gold River to Sayward Junction before a Passage Control/food/fuel/rest stop before the stat of the route proper.

The timed section is 185km long and 5000m of climbing, some of it steep and demanding (that is bypassable). Lunch stop is at a beach by the sea with more mountain passes in the afternoon before the second Passage Control/food/fuel/rest stop.

You’ll need a 200km fuel range for this one. There will be event crew out on the course keeping an eye on the proceedings with a Jerry of 94Oct, but the wise won’t be relying on this…

I have revised the roadbook and Gaia in the light of our findings, worked out the target times for the legs and added those into the Richta route. GR4 day three (roadbook ver 4) is now ready to go!

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