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Sayward April Madness

Updated: Apr 29

0930. All riders away. Morning Glory is a trifling matter of 70km, although overnight rain will make every stony climb and descent slippery while keeping the dust down.

More to come….

Lunchtime: Roadbook riders check in followed by the event crew. Gaia riders have skipped lunch and the midway check in and cut straight to the chase! Some confusion ensued, but the event crew were able to cover all the eventualities….

Now we wait for the returners!

All back safely, many stories of adventures

And the winner?

Sasha Sabinin

The scores for the event which will also add into the season overall result.

The season winner will be the rider who, at the end of the third event (Sayward September Showcase) has a/ the most Richta control points and then b/ the lowest number of time penalties…. Hence a rider who misses a gate on an event would be beaten in the overall by a rider who gets all the gates but runs up a larger time penalty tally. If a timing gate were to malfunction and not be triggered, it would fail for all riders and therefore have no overall effect on either the particular event nor the season overall.

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