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GoldRiver200 cancellation policies.

Cancellation policy for Gold River 200 event 2022

1. If the event is cancelled at any point prior to the start date by unavoidable circumstances such as public health orders, forest fires or other circumstances out of our control, the organiser will retain all general entry fees and will seek to rearrange the event on a future date. If this is deemed to be impossible, there will be a 50% refund of entry fees at that point.

2. If the event, once started, has to be abandoned due to circumstances as in point 1 above, there will be no refund and no holding of general entry fees against a future event.

3. Bookings with third parties such as motels are outside of this agreement and the organiser accepts no responsibility for any cancellation fees with any third party.

4. If you have paid an entry fee and are unable to attend, you may request that your entry be transferred to another rider of your choice. The organiser will not charge a fee for such a transfer of fees but the alternative rider must complete the entry form in their name and provide all required information.

5. In the event of you wishing to cancel your entry to the event, there will be a percentage refund of your general entry fee available as follows:

80% Refund up to midnight on 31st March 2022

50% Refund from midnight 31st March to midnight May 31st 2022

No refund will be available from midnight on May 31st 2022 onwards

6. Requests for refund of payment made for catering must be made directly to the catering provider. Their contact details will be provided in the event of a cancellation for any reason and at any point after payment.

Jonathan Binnington. Proprietor. Vancouver Island Motosports Events.

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