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Peter Francis: “How to use [Rally Navigator] Roadbook Reader app in a time and distance adventure motorcycle rally”

I would like to thank Peter greatly for putting this video together explain how to use the roadbook reader app that goes with Rally Navigator.

Rally Navigator Roadbook Reader is a multifunction app that runs on both iOS and Android, is a pdf reader for the roadbook, a GPS odometer and speedometer (if you choose to display speed), it has an internet-calibrated clock which can be hidden and a GPS driven compass.

The internal GPS odometer can be user-calibrated to +/- 5% ( if you can find a stretch of road accurately measured against which to calibrate it) and the odometer can be reset to significant waypoints along the roadbook route to keep all the distances aligned. Switchable between miles and Kms. Run it on an old smartphone with a usb charging cable.

The app can be remotely controlled by a cheap Bluetooth controller described in a previous blog post (or you can spend a couple hundred spondooliks on a fancy one for the same effect!).

And it is a free download! The roadbook reader of choice for VIME events.

Thank you Peter!

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