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Proposal for 2023 GoldRiver300 event.

Date and venue. Friday 23 June to Sunday 25 June 2023, Gold River, Strathcona, Vancouver Island, and the publicly accessible gravel and industrial roads in the north of Vancouver Island. Three day event - routes on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Event starts 3pm Friday afternoon, ends 3pm Sunday afternoon. Makes it a worthwhile trip for off-islanders....

The event WILL NOT be a race or speed event!

Richta Rally GPS timing (more about which later...) enables a multi-section event format with many speed-control sections - without the need for Time Control Marshals to be on the course. There will be some sections with slow average speed limits, other sections with speeds upto the posted speed limits. As event organiser I cannot condone or encourage reckless motorcycle riding, nor can I set speed limits that are unreasonably fast for the conditions.

The emphasis of the event will be accurate navigation and very accurate observance of the set speeds over the test sections. If you want to ride at high speeds, I cannot stop you but in the event of an untoward occurrence the record will show the reasonable requirements of the event organisers.

Classes. Just two. Non-competitive Roadbook only class. Starts two hours ahead of the competitive Roadbook with timings class. No bike cc differentiation, 250cc runs with litrebikes, last year's event was won by a rider on a KTM250.

Navigation and timing. Routes only published as Roadbook, 5 days before the event. Participants print up their own paper copies or manage their own electronic documents. No Gaia equivalents (event staff will have Gaia route descriptions for their own use).

Competition event timing will be by GPS Richta Rally timing, run on GPS-capable smartphones or tablets.

Competition event participants will be responsible for their own operation of their Richta Rally software and hardware. In the event of a system failure on the part of the participant, they will have a No Time Recorded result.

Accommodation and Catering. Event participants will be responsible for their own accommodations/lodgings/food and catering. There are two motels in town, a number of places to eat. There are campsites in the area too.

Event entry fees and Initial event sign-up required. The organisation of an event such as this is considerable. While the outline of the event exists in principle, I, as event organiser cannot commit to six months work without a minimum commitment of participants.

The entry fees will be 200$Can for entrants before 1st January 2023, 225$ between 1st January 2023 and 31st March 2023 and $250 for entries between 1st April and the event weekend.

Note: I require a minimum of 6 (six) paid entries by 1st December 2022 in order to produce this event. If initial support for this event is not forthcoming, any entry fees already paid will of course be fully refunded.

Entries to the GoldRiver300 can be found on the Shop page of this website and here:

The event will be run as a business venture under my Sole Proprietorship Vancouver Island Motosports Events as a for profit event. If anyone is uncomfortable about this not being a not-for-profit, be aware of the difficulties in running a NFP (needing a management board with minuted meetings and reporting mechanisms) compared to the simplicity of running a Sole Proprietorship.

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