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Route difficulty rating. A Rts 3-4 occasional 5 moments, B Rts 2 with occasional 3. C Rts 1-2

I am being asked “how difficult?” On the scale below:

C routes = 1 with perhaps an occasional 2 moment,

B routes = 2 with perhaps one or two 3 moments,

A routes 3-4 with one or two occasional 5 moments.

We are constrained to using “gazetted roads”, tarmac roads, gravel through roads, commissioned and decommissioned resource roads (logging roads). No off-roading over private lands.

There will be no decommissioned resource roads on the B and C routes, C routes will be mostly tarmac and through gravel roads.

The A routes will be by Roadbook navigation only, B routes by Gaia or Roadbook (but not both, you choose closer to the time your preference), C routes by Gaia and group leader if you wish.

if you are reasonably competent on a motorcycle you can expect no technical riding difficulties on the B route - you can make it harder by navigating it by Roadbook…

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