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Sayward Junction to Gold River via White River Rd and West Rd now open (not by me!).

Remember three intrepid adventurer were defeated by big trees across West Rd last Friday?

Well, anonymous superhero trail fairies have now cut the last of the big ones!

This group have recently completed the Menzies Main connection from 1st, 2nd and 3rd lake to White River Rd.

Me, Jamie and David were beaten back by jungle-bushes at the Stewart Lake Recreation area end. Perhaps we were too faint-hearted…

There are other lower level workarounds for the Menzies Main section that is listed as “closed” on Gaia. Perhaps more intrepid bushwhacking over the summer will make things easier still…

So now three routes into Gold River, the tarmac rd, the gravel road from Woss and now the gravel road from Sayward Junction!


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