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The suspense is killing me! The call is made!! April Madness is ON 26-28 April. Season ticket available at a discount….

The suspense is killing me.... the weather continues to be benign (unless you live in California). I am going stirr crazy - I suspect many of you are too. And..... I want to get out /:

THE CALL IS MADE - the April event is on!

The weekend event will be held Friday evening 26 April for sign-on, Saturday 27 April for the ride and go home Sunday 28 April.

The event will be based in the community of Sayward Junction (SJ), about 60km north of Campbell River on Highway 19. SJ has a petrol station, a pub/restraunt, a CooP grocery shop with good wifi internet, a motel, two commercial campsites and one free unserviced campsite.

The event will run to the usual GoldRiver format, Gaia-tour and Richta/Roadbook competition.

The planned and plotted route is 240 Km long with over 6km of climbing (not all at once). If The Little Iceage makes an unexpected return, there are numerous alternative routes I can plot-and-load....

A Series Entry.

I realise we now have a series for the year:

  • The Sayward April Madness - 26 to 28 April

  • The GoldRiver 400, Les Chemins Sauvage - 27 June to 1 July

  • The Sayward September Showcase - 27 to 30 September

You may wish to enter all events in one go and would like an incentive to do so? You can purchase a three in one entry for $650.

It might even be that there is an overall end-of-year trophy awarded - I will be searching around for inspiration for something that is appropriate and unique.

You will see this series promoted in all the usual places over the coming months. I am very excited for the enterprise we are all involved in. I anticipate an interesting, challenging and safe year for us all.


Jonathan Binnington,

Proprietor Vancouver Island Motosports Events

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